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Shipyard Competent Person - 24 Hours

This course provides required training for Shipyard Competent Persons (SCP) in the maritime industry. The SCP often works with an NFPA Certified Marine Chemist to evaluate and authorize entry into confined spaces and authorize hot work for maritime and shipyard operations. The class includes a review of the OSHA 1915 standard as it relates to confined space evaluation, testing, entry and hot work. Topics include:

  • Theory of fire and explosion
  • Confined space evaluation and hazard control
  • Selection, calibration and use of atmospheric test instruments
  • Roles of the NFPA Certified Marine Chemist and the SCP
  • Construction and hazards of marine vessels
  • Toxicology of marine cargos and processes
  • Completion of required records  
  • Hot work: welding, cutting, grinding
  • Cold work: inspection, cleaning and painting
  • “Enter with Restrictions” and appropriate PPE